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M.K. TRADING S.R.L. was founded in 2013 by two young entrepreneurs who immediately put good Italian food at the center of their BUSINESS project. The country ITALIA offers a unique range of foods considered to be the principles of the Mediterranean diet with a large variety that is different from region to region and famous all over the world.


The peculiarity of our Italian foods that make them unique is born from a combination of tradition, culture, long history and ancient experiences and secrets handed from centuries giving our pasta, preserved vegetables, vegetable oils, wines and hundreds of other products the typical fragrance and taste of our fields, hills and seas not comparable with the plenty of imitated items produced in other countries and described with our same Italian name that is often the only attribute in common.


Our activity is fully oriented to export a wide range of Italian food products even in most remote corners of the world.

We are involved with production of tens of products under our own brands with packages suitable for consumers market, catering market and even for industrial use.


Accurate selection of raw materials, inner quality control in manufacturing process of each exported food product, packing material of first class suitable and customized for each overseas market, skilful sales team with knowledge of world markets usages, location very close to of the main shipping ports in Italy and a complete logistic support from an expert team are the key points of our success with the aim to put forward our motto: “Make the authentic Italian food tradition available for everybody at reasonable prices”.


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Attention towards production always takes first place.

For over 8 years we have been specialists in the sales of Italian food products, basis of the Mediterranean diet (pasta, oil, vinegar, tomatoes, and so on), under the distributor’s brand. Our “know how” and the experience acquired allow us to create private label programs, managing them from the creation of the packaging artwork all the way to delivery of the goods to the distributor. Our main products, both all natural and organic, are pasta, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar (Aceto balsamico di Modena IGP), but we can also supply other products such as tomatoes, rice, gnocchi, frozen product (pizzas, snacks, entries, desserts), italian panettone etc.

Packaging and artwork design

We can offer you our services of ideation and creation of the packaging and of the graphic line for your new products. The product line under your own brand will be produced in a few weeks.

Our sales team will assist you to create your own private label program.First showing you all the products available and then guiding you through the customization of the packaging, and of any other variant necessary to render your line unique and winning. Each step of every program is monitored with a timeline shared with the customer, in order to guarantee that all agreed due dates for the various phases of the project are met: printing, production, shipment and delivery of the goods.

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